Removed Fork Covers

I’ve heard several people say that taking off the the fork covers is a easy job. Turns out they were right. I took the front fender off then removed the caliper and the front tire. From there was very simple to slip the forks down far enough for the covers to come off.

The bike lost another 3 lbs and 3 ozs. What’s even better is how much thinner my baby looks without those covers. I’m loving that.

In the “after” photo below you can also see the grille cover I hired Wicked Facade to make for me. They said they don’t usually do one-off jobs, but they made an exception for me. The Rockin’ H logo I asked them to cut into the grille is the logo my late brother, Kent Hood, would brand on the bottom of his waterfowl decoys he carved. That is one of a few special things I am doing with my bike.

Removed Fork Covers - VL800 Volusia