New Pipes

I sold a guitar and bought a set of pipes.

My local bike shop, Open Road Biker Gear, had a set of Hard Krome Drag Star Staggered Duals in stock. I’ve seen some forums and posts about issues with Hard Krome pipes cracking. I’m hoping that won’t be the case with these. I guess we’ll see. I’ve also seen many forums and posts about how nice their pipes are.

I had to make a phone call to Hard Krome in California to figure out how to get the mount bracket on. There were two different sets of instructions and one part of it was a bit confusing.

Essentially, you have to remove the three bolts that hold on the triangle shaped brace that the stock pipes are attached to. You reuse those three bolts with the supplied nuts to attach the bracket that Hard Krome included in the supplies. Also, I had to remove the black vertical side cover before removing the OEM brace. HK provides a bolt, washer and nut that you use when replacing the cover, since the OEM bolt attached to the OEM brace that was removed.

With that, the bike has lost a little more weight. Awesome!

The pipes went on very easily, and I love the way they look. After wiping away all signs of fingerprints (because if you don’t before you heat up the chrome, your fingerprints will be there forever) I fired up the engine and holy smoke, these babies sound incredible – not to mention loud.

They are loud enough for me right now, so I have no intentions of removing the baffles. I can’t imagine how loud my bike would be if I did.

Below are a few photos from the pipe switch.