Grips, Side Covers, Lights, Fork Bag

I removed the stock grips and replaced them with Avon Contour Custom Grips. I love these grips.

My Blue Collar Bobber side covers came in this week and I replaced the stock fat covers (picture the cheeks of a squirrel full of nuts). Those BCB covers sure slimmed down the middle of my bike. They fit perfect and went on real easy.

I purchased four signal/marker lights. They’re black and are called Mini Ball lights instead of bullets because they look a little more like the musket balls from the Civil War rather than pointed bullets. The lenses are smoked with amber bulbs. I think I’m going to put red bulbs in the back pair.

I left the OEM front light bracket on the bike, so I could use it for the replacement lights. It used to have a chrome cover over it, but I didn’t want to keep that on the bike. When I said something about having nowhere to put some basic tools (since I had to remove the OEM tool box when I replaced the side covers) to the guys at Open Road Biker Gear, they suggested a fork bag. The new bag covers the parts of the light bracket perfectly, covering up what was not meant to be seen.

Here’s some photos of the new parts.