Foot Pegs & Seat Bracket

I wanted to replace the wing shaped front foot pegs that came with my bobber project bike. I was wanting something a little closer to stock looking.

I found out the pegs that were on my bike were Kuryakyn brand foot pegs. My local bike supply shop, Open Road Biker Shop in Goldsboro, NC, carries Kuryakyn brand pegs. The ones I wanted came with male mount adapters, but I was able to remove the ones on my wing shaped pegs and use them. In a matter of a few minutes, I was good to go.

There is a small metal bracket on the back, underside of the Suzuki VL800 seat that connects to the rear fender. Well since I removed the fenders, I lost that connection. For a temporary fix (until I get my bobber spring seat) I mounted a 1″x1/4″x11″ bar across two mount spots made vacant with the removal of the rear fender. I then made a T out of that bar with a 2″x3/16″x5″ bar of metal that now mounts to the seat bracket. I turned the seat bracket around so that it was hidden under the seat.

It’s not pretty under there, but at least it is functional. If I leave it like this for long, I’ll have to put a coat of black paint on those pieces of metal.

I also found out that the OEM brake pedal had only had a slip on chrome piece put on it. I removed it to give the bike a little more original, classic look. I’m now looking for a toe only shifter pedal to replace the toe and heel shifter pedal that came on the bike.