Paint Job

I got me some new paint.

Polishing Forks

The bottom half of my forks look like somebody rode the bike behind a gravel truck for a few days. I was told that it is basically the top coat of lacquer giving way. So, I asked what could I do about it.

The answer was, “Steel wool, and lots of patience.”

So, I’ve been working on it. I’ve polished one side – took me 1 1/2 hours to get it to this point. It probably needs a little more time to even everything out.

Added My New Seat

I bought a Drag Specialties seat on eBay.

I purchased the spring seat plate/bracket from a fellow forum member garmck on Volusia Riders.

My rear signal lights mounted perfectly into the existing light mount hole that was on the side pieces of garmck’s bracket.

I used 3″ springs and the seat sits up a little high in the back. However, after riding some Friday and today, I seem to be getting used to the slight tilt of the seat. I plan to try a pair of 2″ springs to see how that feels.

All I know is the ride is much easier on my back with those springs under the seat, but the best part is how much better it looks.

Removed Fork Covers

I’ve heard several people say that taking off the the fork covers is a easy job. Turns out they were right. I took the front fender off then removed the caliper and the front tire. From there was very simple to slip the forks down far enough for the covers to come off.

The bike lost another 3 lbs and 3 ozs. What’s even better is how much thinner my baby looks without those covers. I’m loving that.

In the “after” photo below you can also see the grille cover I hired Wicked Facade to make for me. They said they don’t usually do one-off jobs, but they made an exception for me. The Rockin’ H logo I asked them to cut into the grille is the logo my late brother, Kent Hood, would brand on the bottom of his waterfowl decoys he carved. That is one of a few special things I am doing with my bike.

Removed Fork Covers - VL800 Volusia

Blue Collar Bobber Fenders Added

The latest addition to my VL800 Bobber Project is a pair of Blue Collar Bobber fenders. Yeah, I could have gone with a trailer fender on the back and just cut it to the length I wanted, but I really wanted a curved fender, not a flat fender.

The perfect fit of the BCB pieces made these a cinch to install. I’m digging the look, and she is getting a lot of attention when I’m out and about.

Next is the seat and to decide what I want to do with the paint job.

Grips, Side Covers, Lights, Fork Bag

I removed the stock grips and replaced them with Avon Contour Custom Grips. I love these grips.

My Blue Collar Bobber side covers came in this week and I replaced the stock fat covers (picture the cheeks of a squirrel full of nuts). Those BCB covers sure slimmed down the middle of my bike. They fit perfect and went on real easy.

I purchased four signal/marker lights. They’re black and are called Mini Ball lights instead of bullets because they look a little more like the musket balls from the Civil War rather than pointed bullets. The lenses are smoked with amber bulbs. I think I’m going to put red bulbs in the back pair.

I left the OEM front light bracket on the bike, so I could use it for the replacement lights. It used to have a chrome cover over it, but I didn’t want to keep that on the bike. When I said something about having nowhere to put some basic tools (since I had to remove the OEM tool box when I replaced the side covers) to the guys at Open Road Biker Gear, they suggested a fork bag. The new bag covers the parts of the light bracket perfectly, covering up what was not meant to be seen.

Here’s some photos of the new parts.